How to an Ethics Essay: Hints and Tips for Students

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Every part of our lives is filled with making ethical and moral decisions based on our philosophies on what is right or wrong. An ethics essay is an academic paper that expresses your moral code and how you perceive ethics individually and how social influence s your decisions when faced with a moral dilemma. You need to know how to argue about evil and good while showing how you uphold social justice, professional duty, human relationships, and humanity in your decision making process

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What are the steps to writing a proper ethics essay?

Step 1: Read the instructions carefully

  • What does your instructor say and what are the guidelines they provide?
    If they are specific to the topic, and want you to show how you use ethics to make moral decisions, use those requirements. In case you have to choose a topic of your own, then make sure to pick a topic that resonates with ethics.

Note: An ethics paper is not a description of your worldview but using factual arguments and counterarguments about the moral-ethical issue.

  • Make sure to research relevant and recent topics that support your arguments about how you go about making decisions.
  • Topics of consideration
    • Global warming and ethics
  • Biblical philosophies and how they apply in the contemporary world
  • Ethics diversity and what cultural aspects influence the difference?
  • Aristotle’s ethical considerations in the modern world
  • Artificial intelligence ethics
  • The morality in euthanasia
  • Ethical issues on marriage

Step 2: Create a framework for the structure of your Ethics essay

Once you have chosen a topic, use the guidelines on your rubric to create an outline. An outline enables you to generate the scope of your argumentative reasoning.

The standard structure of every ethical paper maintains the following format.

  • Proof

Prove why the topic that you chose to focus on is important, challenging, and relevant for the moral-ethical issue

  • Thesis

Generate a thesis that outlines your debatable claims within the body of the paper

  • Arguments

Test the arguments from the thesis statement that support your ethical reasoning

  • Counterarguments

Respond to the counterarguments while emphasizing on your thesis while acknowledging the opposing points

  • Conclusion

Write a summary of your debatable claims in your thesis statement while highlighting the significance of the points

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Step 3: Start writing the first draft of your Ethics essay

Introduction of the ethics essay

  • Give a popular misconception about the issue using questions, quotes, or interesting facts as a hook for your essay.
  • Write a concise and precise introduction that focuses on your points. Start by determining the scope of your reasoning and the side you shall defend
  • Then give a description of how your paper will flow to give the reader an understanding of your angle.
  • Briefly indicate the main debatable claims within your essay in a thesis statement at the end of your introduction.


  • Set each body paragraph as a step-by-step structure with each paragraph arguing the debatable claims made in your thesis

Note: Separate your points by paragraphs to give clear argument details and evidence instead of jamming more than one points in a paragraph


  • Give a rephrased thesis statement while avoiding any new information that is not discussed in the paper.
  • Mention the importance of your ethical issue
  •  End by stating your main position and why it is right

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Step 4: Edit your final draft for submission

  • Take some time to relax either by strolling, taking some tea, or short exercise to rejuvenate your mind while developing fresh eyes for your writing.
  • Then, using the guidelines above, make sure that you have adhered to them by rereading your first draft.
  • Check out for weak arguments or inadequate supporting evidence.
  • Cut unnecessary information that has no relevance to the topic while adhering to the given word limit.
  • Add important information that you might have left out, yet it strengthens your main arguments.
  • Make sure to have started with the strongest argument in the first body paragraph.
  • Make sure your paragraphs have a topic sentence, explanations of the topic sentence, sufficient evidence supporting the topic sentence, and a summary that connects with the next argument using transitional words.


  • Rhetorical questions
  • Complex words
  • Unclear and unconcise phrases
  • Unnecessary adjectives and adverbs
  • Unethical sources

As you can see, writing an ethics essay is easy and straightforward if you follow the steps above.

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How to an Ethics Essay: Hints and Tips for Students

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