What should I include when writing a racial profiling essay?

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Discussions on race are often controversial, but that ought not to be the case. The fact that we are all human, despite our differences in the color of our bodies, the shape of our noses, and the heights of our bodies, is a uniting factor. A sample of a racial profiling essay is presented in this article.

History of Racism

The world has seen its lows and highs as far as racial profiling is concerned. It all began with the slavery of black people what was then seen as a business opportunity. Further, the European colonization of the African and Asian people led to these people being considered inferior.

These are two main reasons you first think of the black people when the word race is used.

This was not to be the end, though, as regimes condoned certain people’s profiling based on their color and other bodily characteristics. Therefore, the black race has remained the most economically and socially marginalized people in the world.

The work of Gerome Skolnick on “racial profiling then and now” provides a clear picture of the extent racial profiling had deprived people of their fundamental rights, even rights to life.

“Negro criminals, or suspects, or any Negro who shows signs of insubordination should be punished bodily and that this is a device for preventing crime and for keeping the ‘Negro in his place’ generally.”

The above are lamentable words wrote by Gunner Myrdal (1944).

The long history of marginalization and discrimination has made some people think that people of individual races are inferior. These cannot be verified, but even if some people think of finding out the reasons, what is the essence?

The end of slavery and international recognition of human rights was much better. But racism seems to be much alive today.

You can use the historical background to racism to build a practical introduction and examples in the body section. You may also include these facts in your essays to prove that human beings are the same and deserve good in equal measure. 

Present Statistical Facts

Ensure that the claims you make in your work are persuasive, back them up with statistical and logical evidence.

You could be interested in providing statistics of lives that have been lost to racism. This is compelling evidence that may change people’s attitudes towards racism and become great champions of change.

Evidence of racial discrimination in sports entertainment is well published. Soccer, the most-watched game in the world, has seen ugly instances of racism that you can use in your examples. You can ask your audience if the victims really deserve the shame.

The most recent police brutality cases, including the heinous and most painful murder of George Floyd on camera by a Minneapolis police officer, can be examples of how racism is on the rise these days.

Efforts in Fighting Racism

It can’t be lost on us the impact the death of George Floyd has had in the fight to ending racism. The incidence and the resulting mass action in the form of the demonstration have literally shaken the world. The resulting Black Lives Matter movement has seen support everywhere in the world.

The fact people were able to come out in large despite the outbreak of the Coronavirus, a global pandemic, underlines just how people were willing to sacrifice everything to see an end to racism. It is also one of the few times we have seen people from all races come together to say in one prominent voice that racism is unnecessary.

A good racial profiling essay today cannot fail to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement’s impact, how it crashed social media, and how it captured the hearts of many. When a friend of mine shared a video of Floyd’s murder, I cried practically and had the worst evening of my life.

I had mixed feelings of rage and anger realized I just wondered how my efforts could be limited.

You may use the Black Lives Matter campaign, among other movements that have seen people come together in the fight against racism, from the days of Martin Luther King Jnr, in explaining the course of fight campaigns against racism.

However, the failure of the legal entities in tackling racism cannot be overstated. There are cases you can use to demonstrate this reality. There are those cases rubbished on the grounds of lack of enough evidence while people have been maltreated, abused, injured, etc. due to their race.

Sports clubs whose fans have been linked to racism have often been provided with meager fines that do not much the level of damage racist behavior cause to individuals and the general public.

Leadership and Racism

The role of leadership at every level in curtailing racism is profound, yet this opportunity seems not to have been exploited. So when we speak of racism and leadership we have to think of the 1950s when the late president John Kennedy tried to bring slavery and all forms of discrimination to an end. Isn’t that a very long time for racism to resurrect?

Carmen Morris writing on the topic of racism for Forbes in June 2020, realized just how the corporate world betrayed the fight against racism. She noted that companies were unwilling to come out and out in support of Black Lives Matter campaigns. Instead, leaders, CEOs, and famous individuals came out as individuals rather than organizations in the fight against racism.

In other words, they did value their own reputation, sales, and margin above anything else. It is clear, though, that leadership should be at the forefront in the fight against racism.

In the US, some leaders were fast in condemning widespread demonstrations without reflecting on why a million or more people would come out on the streets to demonstrate. It makes no sense to act the most rational human and be the stumbling block because chances are high; the wave might sweep you.

I am not saying this because I support violence, but because I support respect for human rights with honesty.

If every day someone has to die because they are black; if every day you have to wait longer to be served in a hotel because you are black; if today you cannot coach a professional football club despite your qualifications because you are black, then the fight against racism is far from over.

There is no need for sounds of despair because there is a solution in coming together, every son and daughter of a woman to end the menace once and for all just like the life of George Floyd and many other victims of racial discrimination had their lives ended once and for all.

You may consider the point of leadership racism in explaining why we need to pull as a unit in the fight against racism.

While we might have sounded emotional in this, but how else can we?

Find this article useful for writing your essay on racial profiling and leave us your comments on what you think about racism and how we have portrayed it in our presentation.

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What should I include when writing a racial profiling essay?

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