What are the different perspectives regarding the influence of the Israel lobby on US foreign policy? Describe the formation of US foreign policy towards the Middle East

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The influence of the Israel lobby on the US foreign policy elicited several reactions in the world, thereby creating various perspectives and dimensions taken by the world leaders and the states. The lobby that has been in place in Israel has been there to steer head the US foreign policy towards their direction. This lobby is created by a coalition of individuals and organizations who actively seek for balance of power of the US in Israel. One perspective that is viewed from the point of view of Israel is that the impact of the lobby is to benefit the Israel and not to harm it.

Though the boundaries of Israel have not been specifically identified, there is a perspective that the organizations across the country are all with one goal of encouraging the US government to support the Israel government by providing resources and supporting its policies. The rift that has been in place between America and Israel is termed in this perspective as an issue that needs to be put to an end and its time to bring in peace that will unite the Americans and the Israel.

There is a wide view of the whole issue of the lobby as positive as indicated by the perspective which views the lobby as an intrusion to the political culture of America which is one of the fundamental political influences in the world. One of the issues that the lobby is thought to bring into place is the removal of barriers that individuals have put basing on the racial and colour imbalance of the people of America and Israel. The leaders of Israel argue that a lobby which is accepted and recognized by the Washington insiders is one of the most powerful and influential tool and therefore should be accepted.

There is a concern for the lobby between Israel and US because no lobby which indicates that the US will withdraw its assistance from the Israel and therefore Israel may not be in a position to support itself both economically and politically. The most crucial question today however in the state of Israel is how beneficial is the lobby of Israel and the US. This concern is important because it creates an extent to which the lobby has changed policies in Israel.

The formation of the foreign policy of US in Israel dates back to several decades down the line. The continued need for the world to contain international communism was slowly gaining a lot of status and containment is a doctrine that came into place in the time when the world was facing a lot of shakeups in the economy. In the Middle East, the expanding of the Soviet Union created a lot of criticism especially against the 1957 Eisenhower doctrine. This caused the 1967 and the 1973 wars in the Israel and this led to the armies of the US taking part in safeguarding the gulf region.

The disappearance of the Soviet Union rule in the wars between Israel and the other nations made the leaders of America namely Bush and Clinton to ponder about the state of the nation of Israel at that time. The Security Council voiced for the development of the foreign policy stating that the introduction of containment is a strategy that will contain the world’s markets and the crisis which follow it.

The formation of the US foreign policy towards Israel was because of several reasons. The events that were taking place in Israel during this time were very grim. Every place in the Israel was full of violation of rights, war going on and poverty was growing at very wanting levels. Throughout the whole of Israel leadership was becoming a fearful thing because the leaders feared war breakups. The Americans were hated with passion and the US flag no longer had significance in Israel.

The Jews are considered the major contributors of the world’s economy therefore the United States of America are utilizing them at the utmost points. The US will do everything at their disposal to protect its economic drive. Being the chosen nation, Americans believe that, supporting the Israel state against any country that is against it is a way of pleasing God. In the book, arguing with God, the author describes the happenings of the end time. In the book of revelation, it is written that Israel has to capture three nations and occupy the holy land before the final return of the messiah. Israel has to rebuild the third temple that should be enacted at the heart of dorne of the Rock and the Al- aqsa mosques. How can these be achieved without causing endless deaths among the Muslims.

In fact, three American Christians have tried to bomb the place in pursuit of righteousness. Furthermore, the current happenings in the unites States of America and the European nations have raised eyebrows over the idea of the end of the world. In the year 2000, president bush supported the teaching of Victorian culture among the young generation; this culture promotes pre marital sex, homosexuality, on payment of taxes and all forms of questionable activities. The trend is fast rising and when this is related to the invasion of the Iraq, the turmoil in the Middle East gives indication the the world is ending. This is according to the book, “Arguing with God”

Although Israel and the United States of America have rights to protect their own people and land, the two countries should place themselves into the shoes of million Middle East and worlds over Muslim protestors. Are their policies fair to the Arab world and the Middle East in general? The world is full of people with different ideologies, religion, colour, policies and each nation should be in a position to accommodate the other for promotion of peace without necessarily forming blocks that divide the universe.

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What are the different perspectives regarding the influence of the Israel lobby on US foreign policy? Describe the formation of US foreign policy towards the Middle East

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