Tips on Writing an Essay Paper on Counselling

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essay paper on counselling

Before you write an essay paper on counselling, you need to analyze the task to understand the question and your counselling, instructor’s advice. Writing essay papers on counselling requires excellent skills in case study analysis and adherence to grammar rules. Preliminary reading in your lecture notes enables you to gain insight into counselling theories and studies relevant to your topic. 

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I shall offer tips on writing A-grade essays on counselling.

Listen to your instructor.

 simply following instructions will set a quality standard for the paper while making sure that you follow the correct format and guidelines. Instructors mark your papers and any indication that you do not adhere to the guidelines already deducts marks from your paper

  • Plan to write your essay.

Plan a response to the assignment through mind mapping, writing a central statement, and creating a summary table. 

  • Conduct supplementary reading

Go through course readings and relevant literature that gives you an idea of approaching your essay paper on counselling1.  

  • Write the first draft.

Write a skeleton of the introduction, body, and conclusion. The presents the area you will touch on, and gives a debatable claim or claims as a thesis statement. Your essay’s body is the discussion part where you break down your thesis into your debatable claims in each paragraph. The conclusion involves rephrasing your thesis, summarizing the main points within the paper, and giving recommendations for future research.

  • Keep sentences short and straightforward with a global structure.

Keeping sentences short means that you are concise and precise. You communicate your information using as little words as possible while at the same time communicating in a full sentence. This helps you to narrow your focus on the case study or topic at hand without deviating to unnecessary wording. Being concise also shows that you know what you are doing and have fully understood the course.

Avoid unnecessary jargon that deviates the reader from your main point, making the simple essay while simultaneously expressing your knowledge and understanding of the topic. The global structure allows for the material to showcase a logical sequence.

  • Use topic sentences

Each paragraph starts with topic sentence that expresses one of the main ideas of the topic. Not only does it show your work organization, but it also enables you to communicate your information systematically. Using topic sentences allows you to explain your understanding of the claims that you make within your essay.

Follow the topic sentences with an explanation on the point. Then use two examples to illustrate the application of your topic sentences. Draw examples from your case study in case you have a case study analysis at hand. One paragraph should express one point. The body paragraphs should end with a statement summarizing your point and how it relates to the main topic or thesis.

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  • A critical evaluation using references and in-text citations

Use a range of scientific material to support your claims while applying independent thinking, evaluation, and insight. Whenever you use sources, credit the authors by using in-text citations and references while adhering to the recommended format. Failure to cite your sources leads to plagiarism, which is academic fraud. Also, focus on quotations by paraphrasing where necessary to avoid scoring a high plagiarism detection. You can paraphrase and then cite to give credit to the author. 

  • Be consistent in counseling terminology.

Choose a specific term to address your character within the counseling essay. For example, if you are counselling a student in your essay, use the term ‘student’ consistently without switching to ‘teenager’ or ‘participant.’ Consistently highlights the coherence of your essay and enables the readers to connect the information within the paper. 

  1. Do not assume that the reader has prior knowledge of the information you convey within your essay.

You need to explain what new words mean and elaborate information in the essay. Whenever you introduce a new concept, make sure you explain it using simple language that adheres to the counselling terminology. 

  • Use headings as subsections

Use different levels of headings to address different sections of the essay to structure your information

  1. Edit your work

When you finish writing the first draft, check the spelling and grammar using grammar checkers before submitting your work

As you can see, writing outstanding for your essay is easy and straightforward if you follow the steps above.

All the best in your writing endeavors!

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Tips on Writing an Essay Paper on Counselling

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