Study Habits That Promote Success: The Best Advice for College Students Looking for Good Grades

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study habits
study habits


College is a time of learning, exploration, and self-discovery. And while it can be an exciting time in your life, it can also be stressful. Juggling class work and extracurricular activities can often leave you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and even unmotivated. But not to worry! Study habits that promote success are within reach for college students everywhere. Whether you’re new to being a student or you’ve been one for years, these tips will help you study smarter and get better grades than ever before.

Know thyself

The college learning environment is highly individualized and open to many different viewpoints. To succeed, you need to understand yourself and what it is that you’re willing to put up with in order to get the most out of the experience. Know your strengths and weaknesses and try to set reasonable goals for yourself so you can best accomplish them. If you’re an intelligent and analytical person, you will definitely be faced with challenges that can not only take time to figure out, but you won’t be able to work on them unless you are truly passionate about the subject at hand.

This is the main reason so many people end up failing at college because they’re not willing to give it their all.

Get organized

Good study habits

College can be a stressful time, and this stress can easily manifest itself as procrastination. While procrastination can be a frustrating habit, it’s also a powerful motivational tool for studying. When you decide to do something, and start doing it, you’re much more likely to stick to it, as well as learn new skills or improve on an old one.

Find your study spot

This may sound simple, but it’s not. If you can’t remember where you study best, there’s a good chance you’re spending too much time searching for the perfect spot. One great study spot is the library, but if you have to go to your dorm room to do some school work, you can improve your studying habits by finding a comfortable spot and rearranging your belongings so that they’re easy to find and access.

Make time for studying

College students should be studying at least eight hours a week. It can be a bit easier to find the time for studying if you set aside a certain amount of time each night. Once you’ve set aside a study time, the challenge is to figure out how to make that time productive. The goal is to study for between 40-60 minutes each night. Not only will it keep your grades up but it will also give you enough time to study for your exam.

Examine the professor’s syllabus

Once you’ve set up your study time, spend some time reviewing the professor’s syllabus. You can use this information to determine which areas of study you should focus on. You can also use the syllabus to figure out which sources you should use.

Take breaks to avoid burnout

There’s nothing worse than spending all morning cramming before a test only to find yourself completely burned out an hour into the exam. Burnout happens when your brain is overwhelmed with information and the only thing it can focus on is getting rid of it. The problem is, trying to cram everything in at once will only make things worse. Here are a few tips to avoid burnout during the day:

Take a step back from your work every 15 minutes to give your brain a rest and to give yourself a chance to review what you’ve been working on.

Once you’ve reviewed your notes, set a timer for 2 minutes and go over them again with a different focus.

Take a 10-minute break and do a quick review of the information you’ve been studying to test your retention.

Study smarter not harder

Studying well takes a lot of work, but if you want to excel in college, you have to make studying work for you and not the other way around. If you can turn procrastination into motivation, you’ll have a great shot at getting great grades.

Try the Pomodoro Technique

One of the most powerful tools for learning how to study well is the Pomodoro Technique. This means splitting your studying time into 25 minute sessions. The idea is that you can stay focused for 25 minutes at a time and then take a short break. You can then repeat that pattern and break the cycle, as necessary, until you’ve finished your study session.

Just start somewhere. Instead of jumping straight into 25 minute sessions, start with 20 minute sessions and then work your way up to 25.

Use your study time wisely

Study time can be a vital part of your college experience, but it’s important that you manage your time wisely. Over-scheduling your week or cramming all of your study time into the few hours before bed can leave you frustrated and defeated. Instead, use the quality time you have in the library or your dorm room to plan out your study schedule and plan your day. Plan ahead, start on time, and use these 10 time management tips for college students to make studying easy and fun!

Use a planner

Using a planner can help you manage your time and keep organized. Plan out the hours you have between when you wake up and when you go to bed. Learn how to use the best college planners for getting more organized.

Establish a routine and stick to it

When you study in the dorms, your studies are governed by whichever friend wants to study in the room next to you. There’s also the occasional group study session where you can meet up with friends and work on a project together. The important thing is not to let your study habits be dictated by these random happenings, though.

Instead, establish a routine. Making your studying process into a set routine is a great way to avoid procrastination and allow you to be more productive. Choose a set time to study, make a study schedule, and stick to it!

Pick a time that works for you and your schedule. College is full of crazy schedules with classes and activities going on all the time. Decide which times of day you would like to study best and schedule those into your schedule.


At the end of the day, the only constant in life is change. The important thing to remember is that nothing stays the same. As you develop as a student and grow as a person, your study habits will also change. While you might think that your study habits won’t change much, the truth is that you’ll be surprised at how much they can change in just a few short years. So if you’ve been struggling with making the most out of your college experience, don’t get discouraged. Take these steps and try them out for yourself. Your future self will thank you!

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