Reasons for American Entry into World War One

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America got involved in world war one (WW 1) on 6th April 1917.Prior to that she had been neutral. The introduction of unrestricted submarine warfare by Germany was the primary cause that led to American entry into the war on the side of the allies, which comprised of France, Britain and Russia. American-Germans and American-French were involved in some way for their own ‘side’, but majority of Americans favored neutrality. The main theme of the re-election campaigns of 1916 was neutrality and President Woodrow Wilson was re-elected (Berkin et al 99).

The unrestricted submarine warfare targeted merchant ships around Britain and also neutral ships as allied ships had resorted to flying the flags of neutral nations to avert being attacked. Wilson warned the Germans that they will be responsible for any American ship lost. The sinking of the Lusitania in 1915, killing 128 Americans strained the relationship between Germany and the US but it did not led to the declaration of war by the Americans. This was because the ship belonged to the British.

The ultimate trigger for the declaration of war on Germany was the Zimmerman telegram. The telegram was intercepted by British intelligence and it contained instructions to the German ambassador to Mexico. It invited the Mexicans to join the war on the German side and in return, Mexico will be offered economic incentives and a chance to regain territories it had lost to the US in 1840.The president kept the telegram secretly, only making it public after repetitive attacks on American ships had changed the public opinion in support of the war. On April the 6th 1917 America declared war on Germany. Revelations by Benjamin freedman, a Jewish defector shows that the Zionists in Germany forced the Americans into the war on the side of the allies (James 12).

Freedman alleges that, the Balfour declaration was indeed an agreement between the British and the Zionists. The Jews were to be paid by the creation of a Jewish nation in Palestine for getting the Americans join the war on the allied side. It was American entry into the war that shifted the Equilibrium in favor of the allies leading to a humiliating defeat for Germany.

The Germans were furious when they learned about the Jewish betrayal despite Germany being the home of most successful Jews in the world by that time. According to him, German economic success was the primary reason for WW 1 because France, Britain and Russia felt that the influence of the Germans must be contained. It was the anti-Jewish sentiments in Germany after world war one that planted the seeds of the holocaust.

Prior to the declaration of the war, the American government had been neutral in that it allowed American bankers to lend money to both sides involved in the conflict. It also demonstrated it neutrality by trying to mediate between the two sides. President Wilson dispatched his closest advisor, Colonel House to London to facilitate ways of ending the conflict. Trade between America and the warring sides was allowed to continue. The naval blockade of the German coast by British navy made trade with Germany impossible (Schimidt 106).

If America had stayed out of the war, history could have been changed in many ways. Building on its growth, Germany could have proceeded to be one of the world’s superpowers. Chances of world war two occurring could have been reduced because it was German grievances of WW1 that contributed to the conflict. Israel could not be in existence because it was a reward to the Zionist for bringing America into the war. Generally, history could have changed for the better.

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Reasons for American Entry into World War One

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