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 Proposal Essay

Research proposals present and justify why you should explore a research problem while proposing how to conduct it. A proposal paper has an extensive literature review that offers a persuasive evidence from well-researched sources to provide a rationale, research methods, and anticipate the study’s benefits and outcomes. Research proposals develop critical thinking skills while helping you design a relevant study. You can nurture your sense of inquisition while placing yourself as an active participant in scholarly research.

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Considerations when drafting a proposal paper

When thinking of writing a research proposal, sum up credible sources to back up your thinking about a particular topic to develop a relevant study. In a proposal, you build upon what you know through looking into expert research, findings, and conclusions. Therefore, you need to present your data and writing style to show that you know what you are talking about.

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Components of a proposal

  • Offer sufficient information that highlights the critical elements within your study
  • Make sure readers can assess the usefulness and validity of your future research from the sufficient information you provide in the proposal
  • Keenly detail the logical steps relevant to achieve the objectives of the research

Questions to ask yourself

  • What does your study aim to accomplish?

The research problem in your proposal should be succinct and clear to what you propose in the research. Succinct

  • How shall you conduct the research?

Looks for strategies of developing a research problem to study

  • What is the reason behind your research?

It would help if you convinced the audience that the topic is worth an in-depth investigation using literature to offer convincing evidence to warrant a study.


  • Make sure to always follow the specifications and requirements given by your instructor.
  • Always read and re-read details within the given rubric to score maximum points from the reader. The instructor helps you understand the perspective you need to take, the length requirements of your paper, and your reader’s expectations who might be an instructor or different kinds of readers.
  • Your proposal needs to be precise so that the paper’s condition, quality, and facts show accuracy and is exact.
  • Your proposal needs to be concise to communicate clear information through the use of the fewest words possible.
  • Use jargon relevant in your field Use jargon that is common in your field that readers can understand.
  • Highlight the methods that you shall use in your research and ideas you found when researching your paper
  • Use justifications for using specific research techniques to meet your conclusion about that particular topic. Show readers why these ideas and methods are best at approaching your subject
  • Use both short and lengthy sentences to keep the reader’s attention without overworking them by varying the structure of the sentences.
  • Found your proposal on functional research that lays an understanding of the scope of the development of your key issues
  • Give enough detail on major issues rather than minor issues.
  • Think of how your paper builds upon research in the past on a similar issue. Is it new? Are there related studies

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Writing a Proposal: Significant sections

  • Introduction ( two-four paragraphs)

The introduction should be a pitch to get grant approval or meet the instructor’s requirements by examining the importance of the research problem. Make the reader excited about the topic by creating an understanding of the specific thing you want to do

  • Subsection
  • Research problem
  • The topic of study (related to the problem)
  • Methods (to analyze problem)
  • Significance of research (Why should the reader care about the outcomes of the proposed study)
  • Background and significance

Explain the context of choosing relevant information to give a proper understanding of the importance of the study

  • Subsections
  • State research problem with more details (complexity and multifaceted aspects)
  • Rationale (why it is worth doing the study)
  • Significant issues in the form of questions
  • Methods (explain in detail)
  • Boundaries of study for clear focus (exclusions too and why0
  • Define key concepts and terms
  • Literature review

Analyze sources connected to the background and importance of the study

Cite, Compare, Contrast, critique, and connect different arguments, methodologies, approaches, theories, findings, themes, and controversies

  • Research designs and methods  to interpret and analyze potential results
  • Anticipate barriers too
  • Preliminary implications of the study
  • How will the study revise, extend, or refine existing knowledge?
  • Conclusion (one or two paragraphs)
  • Write a summary of the study (why study, purpose, research questions, method and design, implications, and place study within broader scholarship)
  • Citations
  • References / biography list

As you can see, writing a proposal paper is as simple and easy as following the guidelines in the dos and don’ts above.

All the best in your writing endeavors!

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