Physical Security Survey

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Physical security refers to the precautions and measures that are set Inorder to prevent the interference to a facility, resource, or information that is stored on physical media. It also offers guidance in designing various structures to that are expected to cope with any type of intrusion. Examples of Physical security include lockable doors, security guards, guard houses e.t.c

The Imperial Auto-car Manufacturing Company is located in Manchester city in the United Kingdom. The Industry was started in 1904 with an objective of becoming the British world’s largest motor vehicle exporter. The motor industry is worldly commonly known for the production of motor brands such as Land Rovers, Aston Martin, Jaguar, and Rolls Royce. It’s also said to have excelled because of the setting up of good security department and the efficient marketing facilities that they have put in place.

Currently the Imperial Autocar Manufacturing Company’s is being challenged by the increasing consumer requirements on security and safety of the vehicles they produce. This is due to the high increase of theft and crime cases. Likewise, to others this industry faces the problems of global servicing and need for cutting down the costs of production (Stratton, 2001). In addition another security issue is about market security due to inability to maintain a quality workforce thus calling up for frequent recruiting and retaining of new workers thus production may become low leading to down fall  in the global market.

Towards achievement of customer’s expectations through service delivery the company has set aside various security issues. For instance this company practices use of high standards of advanced technology while manufacturing their vehicles and by so doing they are able to beat their opponents. The use of devises like the advanced tracking system, the use of the closed circuit televisions (CCTV’s) and the use of 24 hour computer aided monitoring of movement of their products are some of the methods that they have adopted as security measures for the securing of their products (Hart, 1993). The Imperial Auto-car Manufacturing Company offers inside and outside security to its workers and company through use of armed guard officers who usually keeps an eye watch of all the activities around this company. In addition to the employees and the company there is usually high surveillance within the company.

This company developed the trademarks of the vehicles they produce in the early 1900s and by so it has been worldly know that this company is the original producer of products such as land rovers. It has thus enjoyed market security from its physical security. There are enough securities that have been put in place so that their name and patents are secured. Strict company laws in place indicate that the company will prosecute any individual found with such an act and there is constant follow up which has made the company not to be copied in any way in the production of their products (Whisler 1999).  

This business has the appropriate protection security for its continuity however they need to be revised frequently due to the modernization which is in progress for it not to be left behind or fall.


The industry should always be at a stand to seek legislative, regulatory or even judicial solutions on matters that need high attention for development of updated security issues and trends. The company should also involve itself in identification of major security issues and information dissemination through research work to be able to address the challenges facing the manufacturing industries.  

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