Organizational change

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Organizational change management (OCM) refers to the foundation of handling the results of new business processes management structure and cultural shifts in a business entity. To secure the trust of stake holders, managers need to lay out requirements, utilize resources, to bolster communication and engage in activities aimed at lowering the effects of wrong information. These strategies will enable the concerned parties to accept the change and withstand the unpleasant effects associated with it.

What makes change difficult to take place in the health care industry is the lack of sufficient reason as to why the changes are necessary. Most health care employees will in most cases wants to know the reason for the changes. It is the responsibility of health care managers to vividly explain the underlying reasons for the changes to run smoothly.

Another challenge is the absence of a clear result of the changes. Management must come in and try to create an image of how the changes will like in the future. Another hurdle for change in this industry is how best change can be introduced. Employees need to know the route that will be taken by the new methods of carrying out responsibilities (Cummings & Worley 2008).The role that the employees will have and the rewards for them should be clearly stipulated by the managers in order to reduce resistance to the new changes. The aim of the changes must be understood by all stakeholders in the field.

Change in the heath care sector is difficult to initiate due to the following reasons. The system is very complex. This is due to the existence of many modes of payment which include Medicaid, Medicare, mayo clinic, and millions of employers with diverse health care plans. Another major reason is the absence of a universal coverage which is the reason for endless debates about the role of the government and the private sector. Lack of parliamentary system that allows the government to pass necessary legislation without conflicts also contributes to the difficulty in initiating change.

Lobby groups that represent special interests and wield a lot of power are entrenched in the American culture making it hard to introduce legislation that will disrupt the system. Elected officials in America owe their campaign money to industry donations therefore they cannot introduce measures that will hurt their interests (Andersen et al 2007).

Organizational change is challenging to individuals in that it requires change in how the organization is managed and it is akin to telling employees to change their lifestyle. Another reason is that opposition to change is a natural human instinct. The difference only is the degree of resistance. Lastly, change breeds uncertainty. Employees are not certain of the consequences of the changes hence the reason for their resistance in implementing them.

To survive a period of change, one needs to tune him or herself to the expected change. The next step is adapting to the new ways. Thirdly the individual needs to convey the change. Fourthly is to get rid of old ways of doing things and lastly they should be flexible enough to change everything at the same time. Managers have the extra task of shaping the change process as they will be responsible for the implementation of the changes (Dawson 2003). They are also required to motivate the change process as other employees will look forward to them for direction. Lastly it is their duty to manage the period of change.

I have encountered change when the university I am studying in shifted from manual to electronic way of handling data ranging from financial to academic issues. I can say I fitted into the new system quickly and I favored it compared to the past as it was efficient. The major challenge I encountered was to fine-tune my computer skills so as to reap the full benefits of the new system. Change has never been easier as one is required to change old habits and lean new ones which in many cases require further training.

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