Improper handling of tools in the Company

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From: The Administration

Mandla Car Company

To: All employees

Improper handling of tools in the Company

The company wishes to appreciate all the employees for the continued support for the company and the efforts they have been putting in place so that the goal of the company can be achieved. All the efforts of whatever employee either senior or junior are all appreciated and currently, as you may all have observed the Company is doing major reforms so that they can be able to meet the challenges that are being made by the changes in technology and introduction of new tools and equipment in the market.

However, there is a concern that is growing up for the handling of tools in the company. The recent misuse of tools has caused the company a great loss and therefore all the workers are advised that they need to be cautious about the handling of tools. All the principles that have been put forth in past concerning the handling of tools need to be strictly adhered to without any alteration.

Although the Company has been so keen in the establishment of these principles there is a fear that most of the workers have not been following these principles. The issues of negligence have been so much in the rise and there has been no responsibly whatsoever as to the handling and caring of these tools and equipment. There has been therefore the breach of the principle of collective and individual responsibility.

This issue once again needs to be a reminder to the employees that it is one of the moat fundamental principles that upholds all the running in the company. We all therefore need to be able to treat the tools as ours so as to be able to handle them properly and with no careless and improper handling so that we can be able to meet the standards that have been set for these tools.

 The principle of cooperation is also very important because without cooperation in the company there will be negligence by some workers. There should be total following of the codes and the rules that have been set in place so that the tools are handled carefully and with diligence. If a worker, for example feels that he has problem in handling particular equipment or a tool, he needs to consult from the other colleagues so that he can be informed before using the tool. This principle is important because care will be taken in handling the tools in the company.

Another principle of concern in the Company is the principle of authority and obedience. If the workers are to be careful in handling their tools they need o follow the rules that have been set in place by the management. Most of the codes and rules that the company has put in place relate to handling of equipment and therefore employees regardless of position need to follow these rules so that they cannot mishandle these tools. Each employee is therefore advised that they need to be very careful in handling of tools because the consequence will be prosecution because that has been already stated in the laws of handling of tools in the company.    

With this issue in place therefore the company perceives that the execution of works in every department will be a success especially in attaining the goal that the company has been having for a long time. There are current statistics that are being conducted on the effect of this memo after 2 weeks and the results are said to be important for determining the employees’ response. There are special considerations that are been given to those who will be very apt to do these changes.

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Improper handling of tools in the Company

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