Impacts of globalization

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Globalization is a complex word to describe but simply put, it is the integration of social, economic and cultural entities into one single entity on the international level. For many, globalization may sound as a new word but in the real sense it has taken more than five centuries to come up with what we call globalization at the moment (Beck 2000).

Globalization in the past was different from the current one in that it was mainly based on voyages to conquer new territories. Force was the ultimate tool for integrating with hostile territories. Has competition for superiority between European powers continued need for new and superior weaponry arisen giving birth to the industrial revolution. At the moment globalization is a peaceful process because it has become more than a necessity. The pace of globalization in the past was slow since technology was still crude compared to now.

The main drivers of globalization at the moment are technological advancements. Improvement in information communication technology has ensured that people in far flung regions of the globe can easily interact. The advent of the internet is one of the greatest drivers of globalization. Information can be shared by millions of people at the comfort of their homes. Social media like face book, email, and twitter have broken barriers that seemed insurmountable some years back (Boudreaux 2008).

The improvement of the transport technology has drastically reduced the time of travel from one region to the other. Modern jet planes have made the world to be more than a global village has one can travel between continents in a relatively short period. Fast trains powered by electricity have facilitated movement across land in a faster and cheaper manner.

The satellite is another development that has facilitated the airing of information without the limitation of time between different regions. Satellite television has made it possible for people to watch programs aired in a different country. All the above factors have led to the sharing of culture, lifestyles, and resources on an international scale (Boudreaux 2008).

Globalization is good for humanity because it has impacted more positively than negatively. It has opened territories to new markets. Countries which produce certain products can find new markets and at the same time source for those they are deficient in. international trade has improved drastically due to globalization leading to emergence of new economies and creation of wealth leading to better lives.

Financial markets have become more interrelated as it can be attested to by the recent financial crisis. International borrowing avails funds to countries in dire need of them (Stege 2010). Agencies like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund facilitate these transactions. Foreign trade has also grown thanks to efficient modes of transport and communication.

Globalization has also made it possible for developing countries to access health care which can be sponsored by developing countries thereby alleviating suffering. Diseases that break out in different parts of the globe can be contained swiftly due to collaboration between different countries and the relevant agencies. Response to disasters like earthquakes has been swift hence reducing human suffering as the affected territories can seek international help by use of modern communication techniques like the internet (Stege 2010).

Another positive aspect of globalization is the improvement of the education sector. Since the advent of the internet, one can learn comfortably from home or obtain a foreign degree without travelling to the host institution. This has reduced the cost of education making it accessible to many who could not have afforded.

Globalization has also played a critical role in fostering international peace as people can now understand and appreciate diverse and foreign cultures hence limiting conflict and misunderstanding. By the outlook of things globalization will increase in the coming years as countries become more interdependent and communication and transport become more sophisticated.

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Impacts of globalization

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