How to Quickly identify Literature for Academic Paper

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Literature for Academic Paper

When looking for literature for academic paper, you need to consider the best scholarly sources that stand out from the thousands of sources related to your topic. With more than 30,000 journals available and close to two million articles, books, and other literature published each year with no regulation on cutbacks, you need quick tips on identifying the evidence-based literature for your academic paper. Worry no more because Fast Essay Papers has got you. 

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What is literature in academic papers?

Literature is any written work either in books, journals, newspapers, web content, or primary sources focusing on a particular subject relating to your academic work. Literature in academia does not restrict to art forms. As a collection of writings, literature categorizes various subjects that match your course. 

How do you quickly find the best literature for academic paper?

The following are quick tips for finding the appropriate literature for your academic paper.

  1. Be keen on your instructor’s guidelines.

Keenly read through the instructions and guidelines provided either by your professor and journal that you wish to publish. You will find that they have outlined the necessary sources, so you do not have to go through a tedious search through a large amount of literature out there. You will also find requirements to use your course reading materials so that you stay within your topic.

In case the instructor offers an option that leaves you with the task of finding the source materials, ask him or her where you need to begin. Ask them for the literature that you can use because they often have preliminary work related to your course. In case they cannot move on to the next tips, which are supplementary to this one. 

  • Consider your thesis

What is your topic thesis? How does the course work relate to your thesis? What are the debatable claims within your thesis? What is the reader to get from your work?

Here, your thesis helps you narrow down the focus of your literature so that you think of books, journals, newspapers, or web content that addresses the issue in your topic. The thesis guides you to make crucial decisions on how you intend to apply the literature to achieving the objectives of your course.

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  • Read up on the basics of a textbook.

Reading up on the basics of a textbook applies well in cases where you have a new topic at hand. Read in detail to get insight into how you can approach the topic. Most courses have textbooks that give you an overview of how to approach your topic. Furthermore, most textbooks have references that extensively offer sources to your literature search. Make sure to check these references and find their relevance to your thesis and subject.

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  • Use trustable and credible search engines such as:

Project Muse (for social science and humanities), EBSCO, JSTOR, Google Scholar for all subjects, EconLit (for economics papers), MedLine (For biomedicine and life sciences research papers), and Inspec (for engineering, computer science, and physics research papers) using Boolean operators such as AND, OR, and NOT to narrow down your research to the keywords.

These are customized search engines that help you find relevant articles that meet your needs. By typing in keywords relevant to your topic, they offer the most recent and historically relevant articles drawn from various databases. You can also type in the range of year of publication and articles specific to your needs.

  • Check for paper reviews.

Paper reviews enable you to assess the credibility, relevance, contributions, and limitations of your source. At the same time, paper reviews offer increased insight into your topic, which shapes your research. Use critical analysis of the reviews while considering journal or website publication to know the intent of the reviewer. Scholarly databases offer peer-reviewed sources that are also evidence-based. 

  • Search for code documents, technical reports, and theses. 

You can get references to other papers written by students to use as citations within your topic. 

All the best in your writing endeavors!

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How to Quickly identify Literature for Academic Paper

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