How to Write an Effective Research Paper without Plagiarism

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The research paper is perhaps one of the stressing subjects for many students when really it shouldn’t be.

I can recommend you make use essay paper help to find insights on how to develop your research paper.

But before that, let’s find out what a research topic is and see how it can be developed compellingly without plagiarism.

You might be wondering what a research paper is and how to come up with a powerful one.

What is a research paper?

We can define a research paper as academic writing which has both substantial and theoretical information which is produced through a rigorous process of research and fact-finding.

It focuses on the existing knowledge gap on a particular topic. Unlike other pieces of writing which tend to be general and ‘journalistic’, research papers provide specific verifiable information.

Writing research is an in-depth, evidence-based and meticulous process which is highly time-intensive. However, with the right info on how to effectively write a research paper, it can be a relatively more straightforward task. 

Why plagiarism is bad

Before we begin its important to stress the illegality of plagiarism as a violation of the privacy rights of scholastic materials without conferring due credit. Plagiarism constitutes the presentations of an author’s original ideas, thoughts and language use as one’s own without providing credit.

Plagiarism is punishable by law. Nevertheless, different Universities have put in place stringent plagiarism policies to discourage plagiarism in its various forms to ensure students can express their ideas while borrowing responsibly from published sources.

As I have mentioned, once you understand how to write a research paper, you will realize how easy it may be. I will provide six tips for writing an influential research paper.

Six most effective tips to writing a research paper without plagiarizing

The following are some of the ideas you can consider when developing your research paper from scratch.

  1. Organize your materials and sources
  2. Choose a researchable topic
  3. Develop the outline and body the study
  4. Refer to the rubric
  5. Present your results in a compelling manner
  6. Provide a discussion based on your

Let’s now discuss and make sense of each of these tips.

Number 1: Organize your Materials and Resources.

Begin by considering what you are curious about and tie it firmly to your area of study if a research topic is not provided.

Develop this idea to a research topic.

After you have come up with the research topic, you can review relevant literatureon the subject matter. I can advise that you visit your library and find current publication on the topic and review a few of these documents.

A more straightforward way to find current literature for review is using Google Scholar search engine. It contains a wide variety of publications ranging from electronic books to journal articles which you can single out for review.

While reviewing the literature on the topic, take notes on the purpose, methodology and findings of each of the studs.

To save time, you may develop a spreadsheet with columns such as author, year of publication,purpose, methodology and findings. You can then conveniently refer to find the citationsfor developing your paperand generating the list of references.

Number 2: Chose a researchable topic

Based on the findings of the review studies, you will likely identify information that is missing which constitutes your study gap.

Your topic must demonstrate significance in advancing knowledge and resolving practical societal problems. These are some of the ways you can show the rationale for the study.

The reason you need to develop your topic in this manner is avoiding research on issues with obvious answers or implications.

Once you have developed your topic, write a compelling introduction making sure to introduce the research topic, a discussion of the existing literature and strengthening the purpose of the study based on the gap of information established.

I know developing a practical topic may be challenging. For that reason, we provide homework help services you can trust to deliver assistance with finding a researchable topic of study which you can use to develop your own.

Number 3: Develop the outline and body

Your institution of affiliation will most likely provide the outline of your study, but if it is not provided, you can still develop one.

The essential components of a research paper include the introduction, methodology, results. In the introduction, the topic of study is introduced while current literature is briefly presented.

The methodology section is a detailed description of the nature of your study and procedure for the acquisition of information while the results section presents the findings of the study.

Ensure you have included a discussion explaining how your study’s questions have been answered and the implications of your research. There should always be a tight alignment of thoughts and smooth transition from section to section.

You have always got you covered. If you need assistance with the development of your first draft, you can still consult our cheap essay services.

Number 4: Refer to the rubric to avoid plagiarism

Student researchers are often supplied by a rubric to assist the development of each section of the research paper.

I can advise that you stand to gain so much by paying attention to every instruction on how to develop your study sections as provided in the rubric.

So, align your paper to the provisions of the rubric, point after point because it provides the grading yardsticks for the research paper.

Develop a good rapport with your research supervisor and ask for any clarification to help understand what they expect of you concerning to the rubric.

Number 5: Develop an excellent methodology

The study methodology can either be quantitative or qualitative. The writer needs to choose a methodology that best answers the study questions

In this section, the writer is expected to write the steps to be followed in conducting the study. It involves a description of the instruments used in the collection, analysis and how the results are presented.

In this section justification for procedures are required so include sufficient citation of seminal sources to back your choices.

Number 6: Present your results in a compelling manner

The results constitute the climax of your study. You don’t want to disappoint after spending much time developing your paper, do you?

In this section, you present the findings of your study.

Align your findings to the study questions to enable the readers to realize very fast how your purpose of the study has been addressed.

Ensure this section is clear by providing and easy to understand. Even so, you will still need to give the discussion section, which will ensure the implications of your study are clear also to lay readers.

With the six tips, I hope you are good to go.

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Leave your comments on how helpful these tips have been to you in developing your research paper. I will be glad to see your suggestions.

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