How to Write the No 1 Quality Essay Within a Short Deadline

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An essay is a literal piece of writing or composition, usually brief, that mainly focuses on the writer’s opinions, experiences, understanding, and perceptions on a subject. According to an essay can be either formal or informal. Are you in a time crunch and need a quick fix within a short deadline? Breathe.

It is crucial to have the right mindset before you embark on the task. There must be a feeling of panic setting in making you think that you cannot complete the essay in the set time. Think positive. Cliché, right? Take it up as a challenge and relish in it. Visualize a future where your essay is complete and excellent. At least supports the notion that positivity gets the ball rolling. Make sure you enjoy the task by making it seem fun and conditioning your mind into believing that this is something you want and will enjoy doing. Voila! You are almost there. Here are a few steps to help you beat that deadline and still give quality work.

Step 1: Plan and prepare

Note the time that you have left to write the essay and make a plan based on it. A plan enables you to allocate each specific part of the essay an ample amount of time and helps avoid wasting time. It is prudent to give more time to an area you are weaker at. This will require you to be very honest when assessing your strengths and weaknesses so as to maximize results. Remember to schedule time for breaks to replenish your energies.

Step 2: Read and understand the topic.

When faced with a fast approaching deadline, it is very easy to skim rather than read through the question carefully. Obviously this poses a risk as you may end up misunderstanding and or missing subtle instructions given in the topic. Take your time and carefully read the question. Ponder on it for a while. advices that this allows you to consider various positions or arguments that can be made about the subject. It will also protect you from having to redo an essay.

Step 3: Research on the best strategy to beat the short deadline

It is unlikely that you know every possible thing to be known pertaining to a certain subject. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a thorough research on the topic before you start writing. This ensures that your paper is not repetitive or suffering from ambiguities and not well thought out points. Make use of relevant websites, papers by experts, books etc. The research will provide ample content and information for you.

Step 4: Write an outline

While it may seem unnecessary this step is vital. The best way to ease the work is to write down an outline to guide you. Write down all your ideas and structure them as you would your essay.

Step 5: Write

Identify what intrigues you about the topic and capitalize on it. This should be easier thanks to all the preparation you’ve done. Make an exceptional introduction to capture your reader’s interest, let the body build up on your argument and make a glorious conclusion. Make sure you add references if required as you go along.

Step 6: Edit

The essay is complete and the relief is almost tangible, but we’re not quite done. Revising your paper and proofreading are as equally important to weed out any errors, contradictions and omissions you may have made. Take some time to note down and make the necessary adjustments the article may need.

I hope that this article helps you write excellent essays and in the shortest time frames possible.

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How to Write the No 1 Quality Essay Within a Short Deadline

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