How to write an argumentative Essay: Tips and Hints

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What is an argumentative essay?

Before we discuss how to write an argumentative essay compellingly, we try to define what this type of essay entails. An argumentative essay is a type of writing which encompasses thorough research on the topic of study, collect and evaluate evident information and establish a position succinctly.

If you have to choose the topic by yourself, it is important to know that a suitable topic for an argumentative composition is that which can be discussed strongly either for or against. For example, you cannot be asked to write an essay on why you like your pet.

That would extremely be one-sided. Besides, there is nothing to research on that topic.

Generally, this type of essay requires a review of published literature on the topic to assist in the presentation of arguments. Find relevant books and publications and review them while taking notes on the main points. You could instead consult an expert on the topic who will provide you with general information, but in your writing, you have to take a stance.

Like in all other academic writing plagiarism is not entertained in this type genre of writing though limited direct quotations which as appropriately cited are acceptable.

Types of argumentative essay claims

There are five types of argumentative claims; absolute, factual, cause and effect, policy and value. Definition claims seek to describe what something or situation is like while factual establish whether something is true or false.

Cause and effect claim examine causality and impacts of something while policy claims describe ways of addressing a problem.

It should not be mistaken for an expository essay, which is less meticulous and much shorter.Convention research methods, including a collection of data through interviews, observations or experimentation, may be utilized in the process of developing an argumentative essay.


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Back to our topic:

After understanding the meaning of argumentative essay, we will focus on the structure of its structure. An argumentative essay has the title, introduction, body and conclusion as the main parts. The title which is often provided constitutes the subject of discussion in the essay.

The introduction section is the first paragraph of the essay, which highlights the topic and the thesis statement.

The body of an argumentative essay is the section on which the issues are discussed. It is the main part of the essay and normally three paragraphs or even longer depending on the length requirements for the essay.

A conventional argumentative essay is composed of five paragraphs; one for the introduction, three paragraphs for the body and another one paragraph for the conclusion.

Writing an excellent introduction to argumentative essay.

Provide a general review of the topic of the essay to set the context of argumentation. In the mid-section of the introduction, develop a discussion to explain the importance of the topic, which is known as the exigency of the subject of study.

The language choice for the introduction should be intriguing and persuasive of the reader. Therefore, any mistakes should not be entertained in this section. If the paper is presented for evaluation, it is the introductory section that set the attitude of the assessor towards the rest of the essay. Therefore, ensuring a perfect introduction cannot be overemphasized for students who want to attain higher points.

Writing the thesis statement.

The tail end of the introduction should constitute the thesis statement of the essay. The thesis statement provides a summary of what going to be discussed in the essay. The section provides connection of the introductory section of the essay to the body.

You can develop your thesis statement in three ways. Firstly, you could use the roadmap approach where you provide two or three of your main point in a statement as the summary of what is going to be discussed. Secondly, you could introduce a point and disagree with it immediately.

The third way is turning the topic into a question, then answering it on the body of your essay.

How to write the body of an argumentative essay

This is the main section of your paper. It encloses the evidential support for claims you put across throughout the paper. Each paragraph on the body section should convey one general idea to improve conciseness and heighten the ease of reading.

While writing this section ensure each paragraph has a logical connection with the theses statement in the introductory part to warrant relevance. Establish a connection between the evidence from the data you acquired in the research and the thesis statement.

The points that confirm your thesis statements are your points and should write on the paragraphs that come earliest in the body section. Points against the thesis should present in the paragraphs that come at the end of the body section.

The points that do not support the thesis statement should not cover much of the body.

The presentation of thoughts in this section involves the presentation of the general idea, which should be the author’s idea as the opening statement of each paragraph. The following statements should support the first statement, which constitutes the claim. The last statement is the conclusive statement which summarizes the paragraph by providing connection of the evidence to the thesis statement.

Ensure the body of your essay carries a complete argument. For example, a discussion on the effects of the development of pedestrian lanes on the walkability of a street will include the effect at the beginning, now and in the future Completeness demonstrates the writer has a complete understanding of the topic.

Give examples to ensure that your readers understand better the reason you hold a particular stance on the topic. Examples enhance meaning and help people relate very fast with the idea you are putting across.

So ensure to include examples in explaining your thoughts. However, do not make examples sound like the main ideas in your writing.

Writing a good conclusion to an argumentative essay.

The conclusion is the one last paragraph that restates your thesis and summarizes all of the arguments made in your body paragraphs. Instead of introducing new facts or more arguments, an excellent conclusion will appeal to a reader’s feelings. In some cases, writers will use a personal narrative elucidating how the topic personally affects them.

Whatever it is that is included, the conclusion must be effective and logical. Synthesize the information presented in the body of the essay and restate why the topic is essential while reviewing the main points and your thesis.

You may also want to include a short discussion of more research that should be accomplished in light of your findings.

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How to write an argumentative Essay: Tips and Hints

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