How To Write An Argumentative Essay: A Step By Step Guide

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An argumentative essay is a brief composition that relies solely on logic and facts to prove the accuracy of a particular thesis. A quality paper will require the student to do extensive research on the topic, since your opinion by itself won’t cut it. Ensure you collect and analyze ample relevant evidence then pick a stance and be able to relay it coherently. The main aim of the author is to get the reader to agree with and adopt their way of reasoning towards the matter.

A well structured essay backed with sound reasoning and hard facts is difficult to refute.  These essays mainly revolve around emotive topics such as politics, science; cultural practices and beliefs etc.  Argumentative essays are often given as assignments for students as they are quite involving.

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 On this particular fast paper we’ll give you a step by step guide into the structure of a good argumentative essay.


A quality paper needs a good solid structure. You have to ensure that the essay is well organized and has a logical, chronological flow of ideas. We want the fast paper to be well written but also easy to follow. A quality paper should follow the structure below:

1.  Introduction

The introduction plays a big role in determining the quality of your article. It should clearly highlight the topic of your essay and explain your understanding of the subject.  The reader should be able to tell from the first paragraph what to expect and what direction the fast paper will take. You can express your opinion clearly here, touching on the factual pieces of research that you intend to use on the essay.

  • Thesis statement

The thesis statement, although part of the introduction, should be focused on a bit more keenly. It is a summary of your argument simply stated in a single sentence. considers the thesis statement the most critical part of your essay. So how do you come up with an excellent thesis statement?

For example: your title could be what is the most important meal of the day? Your thesis statement will be something in the lines of the most important meal of the day is breakfast.  By making the title or topic a question, you make it easier for yourself to come up with a thesis. The answer to your question automatically serves as your thesis statement, and a good one at that.

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Alternatively, you can state an argument and then disprove it.  Bring up an idea contrary to your opinion and then explain clearly why you do not agree with it. For instance: some people think that dinner is the most important meal of the day, studies show that breakfast is more important since it gives sustenance for the day’s activities. This method gives you credibility since you have used facts right off the bat.

Thirdly, you can opt to simply state your main argument point and expound on how you intend to support your viewpoint. This way, the reader is aware of what to expect from your essay and you have a clear cut path on how to tackle your fast paper.

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2. Body of the argumentative essay

This part of your paper should consist of three or more paragraphs that should accentuate the quality of your argument and research points. Every paragraph should take on one point and clearly explore it. You should make sure you explain using concise and relevant pieces of evidence why the reader should conform to your school of thought. Do not hesitate to back your opinion up with specific examples, data, statistics, references and facts from reliable sources. This is the meaty bit of your essay.

Let the research you conducted do the talking for you. Be bold enough to address criticisms that are likely to rise up from your argument and show why they do not hold water. We are still aiming at cementing your credibility to your audience and consequently earning their trust and respect.  Ensure that your ideas flow perfectly and avoid contradicting yourself while at it. Be creative enough to emphasize a point without sounding repetitive. It is imperative not to bore your audience or even water down your point.

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3.  Conclusion

The conclusion basically summarizes your essay. It restates your claim and appeals to the reader to adopt your point of view on the topic. An excellent conclusion tends to drive home your ideas leaving no ounce of doubt. Purdue owl insists that a conclusion needs to be memorable.

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Regardless of the topic or target audience, a quality paper should always have a proper structure, with well articulated points on your stance. This is the essence of an enthralling argumentative essay. As a rule of thumb for any genre of writing, ensure that you proofread and revise your work thoroughly so as to do away with any errors. Grammatical errors are not appealing.

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