How to Write a Grade A Essay?

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What is a Grade A Essay?

An A-grade essay is a quality essay whose content shows that the writer has sufficient knowledge of the topic, and has conducted sufficient research to back up their claims. The result also shows that the writer edited work according to prescribed guidelines, meets the maximum points of the given rubric, and the content adheres to the rules of grammar. Instructors give A-grade to students who submit essays that show clarity, excellent organization, informative, and readable. 

I shall explain the steps towards getting that Grade A in your next essay.

Step 1. Understand your topic

You need to research, collect and read through the most relevant material to gather sufficient knowledge about the topic. Whether it is going through your lecturer notes, reading recommended books, or looking up previous papers on the subject, you need to gain a solid understanding of your subject.

Note: You should use a systematic way of taking notes in class or during research to easily retrieve and understand specific information that is relevant to your essay’s topic.

Step 2: Narrow down your topic

When you get a solid understanding of your topic, select relevant information from the primary and secondary sources that explicitly answers your essay questions. 

Step 3: Organizing Grade A Essay Paper

Structure your essay using a way that helps the reader set the context. Using the professor’s rubric or guidelines, you can break down the topic into subtopics so that you answer all the questions as required. Below I shall give you an outline that you can use to organize your paper before developing the final draft. 

A standard essay paper has the usual introduction, body, and conclusion.

  • Introduction – Sets the context of the paper

Your introduction should give a clear idea of the content of your essay. This part of the essay covers background information on the specific issue or problem you are addressing in your essay. You should place the thesis statement at the end of the introduction in one sentence. (Thesis – expresses your central claim, idea, or argument in the essay).

  • Body – develops arguments while presenting the facts

The paragraphs start with a topic sentence while the following sentences back up the claim. The topic sentence breaks down points from the thesis statement. 

  • Conclusion – Summarizes the main points while answering the set question

The concluding paragraph(s) includes a rephrasing of the thesis statement, a summary of the points of the main argument while giving recommendations for future research, or leave the reader with rhetoric to answer.

Step 4: Writing your paper 

  • Start with the Key Findings

Using the outline above, begin your paper with the key findings. When thinking about your introduction, start with the key findings from the well-researched information. Stating facts about the topic gives the reader a clear picture of your argument’s focus and if they meet the instructions. 

  • Use the evidence from your research to back up your claims.

Using evidence from scholarly sources through the use of in-text citations, and references shows that you adhere to the standard writing principle of giving credit to authors. Paraphrase your content while also making personal claims that developed in the process of your research. 

Note: Avoid abstract writing that sways the reader because the professor will deduct marks. 

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Step 5: A checklist for your Essay: Clarity, Concision, and Readability 

  • Clarity

Does your essay thoughtfully use modifiers to make your point clear? 

Make sure that you use modifiers to increase your paper’s originality and add meaning to what you say. When your essay is clear, it is easy to read and understand. Each paragraph should introduce a new subtopic and explain it without using complicated words. Paragraph breaks also increase your essay’s clarity because they give the reader time to digest the different points you make.

  • Concision

Is your Essay Concise?

Concision includes brevity. Here I recommend that you use the only words necessary to talk about your topic. Using the exact words needed eliminates redundancy while it ensures that you include all the essential information.

  • Readability

Is your Essay Readable?

Your essay should be easy to read. Hence, you should check the sentence length, the word familiarity, and the density of the syllables. Factors to consider here also include the font size, line length, and height. Readably increases the quality of your essays. Use the necessary vocabulary that stems from the topic, course, or subject at hand to appeal to your professor. 

As you can see, writing a grade A essay is simple and easy if you follow the steps above. 

All the best in your writing endeavors!

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How to Write a Grade A Essay?

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