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In the course of your education, you may come across an assignment that requires you to write a position paper. For you to write a quality paper, it is important to understand what a position paper is exactly. This essay will help you excel at this assignment. We will look into position papers, definition, elements and structure of a good position paper.

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A position paper is the most common type of argumentative essays. It is an essay that highlights one angle of an argument explicitly by providing facts backed by reliable evidence to prove the validity of your opinion. Most topics of a position paper will be controversial.  A well written position paper makes an attempt to convince your audience that your stance is the best one on the subject matter. Position papers are mainly written to communicate a country’s position on a certain issue according to A good example is the model UN assignments. Follow this simple guide to get you on the fast track of writing a quality paper.

Step 1: Topic choice

Ensure you select a topic that is controversial, current and relevant especially if a topic has not been provided. A good topic will have sufficient content allowing you to come up with an excellent argument with ample findings and evidence. The best choices are those that revolve around emotive issues such as politics, science, religion, culture and beliefs etc as they are surrounded by controversy and are of interest to many.

Step 2: Research

Academic papers especially rely on thorough and extensive research. The research enables you to determine whether there is enough information on your topic and aids you in picking a side. At the end of the day you want to have the most logical and well presented view point on the subject. Ensure you use reliable sources for your research preferably globally renowned organizations such as The World Bank, The UN etc. in the event that you do not find sufficient information to back your claims, kindly reconsider your topic choice.

Step 3: Build your argument

Now that you have conducted your research, it is likely that you have already formed an opinion. Make a list of the pros and cons with the supporting evidence for both your argument and the counter-arguments of your essay. Critically look through your research and weigh which side has a stronger argument and will be easier for you to present. Ensure that you understand all the points clearly. Strive to be authentic in this fast paper.

Step 4: Identify your target audience

It is important to know who the fast paper is addressing. That way you are able to tailor it in a way that resonates with your reader. For maximum effect, make sure you appeal to them by putting their traits, mannerisms and preferences to consideration.

Step 5: Clarity and simplicity

Ensure that your points come out clearly. Explain your position simply and briefly while avoiding contradiction. The ideas should flow chronologically and any reader should be able to understand your fast paper easily. Position papers do not require excessive detailing.


As with other essays, the position paper has 3 key parts.

1. Introduction

This is the first paragraph that basically highlights your topic. The introduction needs to be intriguing enough to pique the reader’s interest and make them want to read more. You should introduce your topic with a little background information on the subject. Define any technical terms, if any, as simply and clearly as you can. Smoothly let your position on the topic be known as you build up to your thesis statement which should clearly state your stance.

2. Body

This part should comprise of at least 3 paragraphs. It is the meaty part of your essay where you build on your points. Each paragraph focuses on a single idea and expounds on it for your target audience. This is where all your research comes to play. Give background information on your point. Provide ample evidence to back your claim. It could be facts, statistics or data. Do not hesitate to give relevant references or citations. posits that this boosts the credibility of your argument. Remember to discuss the counter-argument(s), acknowledging their relevance and validity then carefully discredit them while supporting your own. Emphasize that your position is the best one.

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3. Conclusion

The final part of your fast paper should articulately summarize your strongest points and bring attention to your argument while avoiding the counter-arguments. The main goal of the position paper is to sway your reader’s opinion. When you conclude your essay by restating your position, your point of view becomes the one that your target audience resonates with.

It goes without saying that you need to proofread and revise your work severally. This helps you give a polished product devoid of errors and this way you are able to ensure that you have a quality paper. insists that you always write a position paper with confidence, after all you want to sound convincing. You do believe your position is the right one, right? Then own it. Leave no ounce of doubt in your reader’s mind.

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