How to craft a Social Media Essay + An Example

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  Social Media essay

Social media essays are popular due to all the social platforms trending today. When you get a task on writing a social media essay, you need to write an academic pare that outstands any other student using the tips below. Writing social media essays can be challenges because there is a range of topics, making you need to narrow your focus to the most relevant topics that are unique.

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Tips on how you craft a social media essay

Choosing a topic

Search for an exciting topic that depicts relevance to your course

In case your instructor does not provide a specific topic, you can use information from your course chapter. Use an exciting topic that has significant research potential. When you use passion to find a topic, you will portray a healthy attitude that will make you develop persuasive skills that make the reader interested in your social media essay.

For example, you can write about privacy concerns on Facebook as a relevant topic. You might develop an interest in it because you released that the ads featured in your Facebook account reflect how the social media platform uses personal information to market products that suit your lifestyle.

As the topic above, most social media topics focus on ethics as a rising concern. Most users fail to check their privacy settings, and you can use this angle to make strong debatable claims in your thesis and body.

Create an Outline

Set the standard structure of introduction, body, and conclusion

Outlines offer a skeleton which you can fill with fully developed arguments

Setting the structure of your essay makes you focus on specific points without being lost in all the variety of subject’s involved social networking through social media


In the introduction, use a compelling hook such as a question, quote, or anecdote. Then you can introduce the main topic, explain its relevance, give relevant background information, and end with a thesis statement

The thesis should be specific to the essay, offer debatable points, and show clarity for your essay’s direction.

For example: in writing about the privacy concerns regarding Facebook, you can say:

Even though Facebook offers a revolutionary way people communicate and socialize, it infringes privacy rights, overrides the consent of users, and unethically uses personal information to sell products back to users.


The body provides explanations using evidence to back up your debatable claims outlined in your thesis. Each body paragraph should provide a different point with a topic statement stating one of your thesis points, a sentence explaining your topic sentence, then give evidence from your sources, then the last sentences summarizing your paragraph. Then use a transitional phrase to move to the next paragraph to create coherence.

For example, in writing about Facebook’s privacy concerns, you can arrange the body paragraphs below.

Paragraph 1 of the body

Sentence 1 Facebook infringes privacy rights…

Sentence 2 and 3 Explain what sentence one means

Sentence 4 and 5 Use evidence from sources to back up the claim that Facebook infringes privacy rights

Sentence 6: Summarize paragraph and the primary evidence

Paragraph 2 of the body

Sentence 1 Secondly (a transition word) Facebook overrides the consent of users, by

Sentence 2 and 3 Explanation

Sentence 4 and 5 Use evidence from sources to explain how Facebook overrides consent of users

Sentence 6 Thirdly, (or finally) Facebook unethically uses personal information to sell products back to users.


The conclusion part should have you restate your thesis then summarize your main arguments while not introducing points that are not within the essay. Finish with giving a future recommendation for future arguments on your topic.

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Some great topics for social media essays

  • How advertisers manufacture consent for social media users
  • The role of social networking on dating life
  • The dangers of social media in influencing life and health issues
  • How social media usage leads to mood elevation
  • A comparison of life today and before social media
  • How social media influences face to face communication
  • Social media as a tool for education is academic institutions
  • Is there something like social media addiction?
  • Social networks and work-life balance
  • Is cyberbullying manageable through stringent regulations?
  • Social media and the workplace

As you can see, writing a social media essay is easy and straightforward if you follow the steps above.

All the best in your writing endeavors!

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How to craft a Social Media Essay + An Example

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