How to Balance Covid-19 With School Life

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The outbreak of Covid-19 came as a surprise to most if not all. The effect of this epidemic has been felt globally prompting necessary adjustments in people’s way of life. There have been preventative measures put in place to curb the spread of the virus. The main ones being; lockdowns, wearing of masks, social distancing, enforcing curfews, among others. Many aspects of  life have been affected.

Many people have lost their jobs while the lucky few have had to transition into a life of working from home. The education sector, which is our focal point in this article, has been tremendously hit. The unexpected shift to e-learning and home schooling is making an impact on the students’, and their families, lives (Anwer, 2020). Getting accustomed to this new system has not been a walk in the park and most students are finding it difficult to focus on their studies.

 Parents have not been left behind in the struggle to adjust to the new norm and most have had to fit their children’s schedules into their own. There are those who are also still pursuing degrees and they too have had to get in line with virtual learning. As the workload keeps mounting, most parents will begin to feel the pressure build up too (Rosa, 2021). The best way to avoid this is by coming up with a comprehensive plan.

One could use a journal or a day planner to help them organize their day and activities giving priority to the most urgent and important ones. Follow the plan to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Give self-care a priority to avoid burnout. Take a few breaks in between these tasks but avoid being derailed from the set objectives.

 With the ongoing uncertainty, it is imperative that people should be keen on their mental health to avoid mental breakdowns (Rosa, 2021). The significant alterations to their lives can be draining but one should look for ways to boost morale and adjust accordingly in order to have a happy life.

One should ask for help from their support systems for example spouses, family etc. everyone needs someone they can reach out for help especially when they feel overwhelmed. This will promote their productivity and efficiency leading them to excel in all fronts (Khotimah et al., 2021). Parents should keep an eye out for any behavioral changes in their children and ensure they are coping well with all the changes. Above all one has to keep safe, follow the guidelines and keep trudging on as better days are yet to come.

The following are 30 essay topics on covid-19 and school life:

  1. The effect of the pandemic on student equity and inclusion.
  2. How lockdown due to Covid restriction measures has affected learning outcomes.
  3. How Covid regulations affect student development.
  4. Academic management practices during the pandemic.
  5. How students in work-study programs are coping with the pandemic.
  6. Challenges faced by academic institutions in the reopening of schools during Covid-19.
  7. How to enforce sustainable measures to avoid the spread of Covid-19 in schools.
  8. Identifying and managing the impact of Covid on students.
  9. Is online learning an effective substitute for schools during the epidemic?
  10. How to assist students to deal with the changes caused by covid-19.
  11. The effects of school closures on students during the epidemic.
  12. Adapting to the new status quo as an educator during the pandemic.
  13. How online gaming can be used as an engaging strategy for learners during lockdown.
  14. Compare and contrast between traditional school life versus online learning.
  15. Has parental input in the students learning increased during Covid-19?
  16. The economic effect of online learning post Covid.
  17. The psycho-social effects of the disruptive nature of Covid on student life.
  18. The implications of the pandemic on the students’ mental health.
  19. Ensuring every student is technologically equipped to handle e-learning.
  20. Is the containment of Covid-19 possible following the reopening of academic institutions?
  21. With the pandemic restriction measures how are educators able to monitor the students’ progress?
  22. How to ensure cyber safety on virtual learning platforms.
  23. Emerging opportunities in the academic context.
  24. How students are performing in STEM courses with the ongoing endemic.
  25.  How female school teachers are finding a new work life balance in delivering online curriculum in the pandemic.
  26. Implementing school health protocols post Covid.
  27. Has the transition to e-learning affected the quality and value of education?
  28. To what extent has the epidemic tampered with the co-curricular activities for students and how does this impact their growth and development.
  29. Has the administering of the Covid vaccines affected learning processes?
  30. The increase of deviant behavior of students during the Corona Virus outbreak.

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How to Balance Covid-19 With School Life

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