Hints and Tips for writing an SAT Essay that every Student should Learn

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SAT essay

An SAT Essay is an optional academic essay that you undertake when planning to join postsecondary and college institutions. Even when it is optional, it is a good thing to write it because then you shall have the upper hand from other applicants by showing your analytical and writing skills. To write an excellent SAT essay, you need to focus on how the author builds an argument from reasoning, rhetorical techniques, and evidence.

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What is an SAT Essay?

An SAT Essay comprises a passage of 650-750 words analyzing how arguments work in 50 minutes of completion time. You get to engage in an exciting exploration of your reading, analysis, and writing capabilities. Writing this type of essay enables you to develop a more robust understanding of your strengths while addressing your weaknesses from the scores that you get hence preparing you for college. Your work is to analyze the author’s devices and how they use the devices to structure their argument within 50 minutes. The approach of writing an SAT essay differs from other tasks you have tackled in the past in your English.

Hints and Tips for Writing an SAT Essay that you need to learn

  • Read the Prompt that includes the Author’s Claim before the passage.
  • Give time to think about the topic before you begin to note the author’s devices to develop persuasion.

Develop a clear thesis statement

Your work is to make a precise core claim as identifying the main idea of the presented passage while listing the author’s methods. Your SAT Essay should not explain your agreement or disagreement but explain how the author builds their argument to create the readers’ persuasion using a thesis statement.  As a College Board recommendation, you can copy the exact words from the passage describing the main Claim in the thesis that shows you are on-topic.

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Writing a clear introduction and conclusion.

As the introduction and the conclusion carry 8 points, you can get a writing score of above 4. Use the prompts of the SAT rubric to guide your writing. These prompts include a skillful introduction and clear conclusion which set up the essay structure. You can leave blank lines in the introduction in case you find it challenging to come up with one that reflects the rest of your essay. The body paragraphs come first, then the introduction within the timeframe provided.

Focus on Information within the passage

Do not use outside knowledge on the topic to show that you focused on the passage. Use your thesis with specific details in the passage to support your arguments showing a critical analysis.

Effective use of Language

This tip comes from the Prompt of the SAT Essay that pertains to style where college boards recommend that you have a cohesive response that demonstrates a highly effective command and use of Language. Use a wide variety of sentence structures, maintain a formal style, use objective tones, and use the consistency of word choice. Avoid repetitions and grammar mistakes while avoiding first narrative words such as ”I”, ”me”, and ”my”. Instead, use different words to express a similar idea to show your strong vocabulary base that makes sense and is appropriate.

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Please focus on your essay’s relevant details to highlight a few points while explaining their function in acting as a persuasive device used by the author.

Use the prompts and the rubric given by the College Board to focus on precise and concise details that are relevant to your thesis. Narrowing down on the relevant topics shall make you develop a high scoring coherent essay. Focusing on the significant features also makes it possible to meet the fifty-minute timeframe.

Note: your interpretation doesn’t have to be as accurate as your facts. However, you explain the effects of the author’s persuasive techniques effect on the reader.

Focus on the convincing aspects of your thesis claims and convincing explanation

  • Always use evidence from the passage to make a solid case In your interpretation using quotes and facts ion the prompt.
  • Use objectivity when reading the author’s passage through practice.

As you can see, writing an SAT essay is easy and straightforward if you follow the steps above.

All the best in your writing endeavors!

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Hints and Tips for writing an SAT Essay that every Student should Learn

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