What is the Difference Between Essay and Research + Which are the No. 1 Researchable Research Topics

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We will cover areas in answering this critical question: the difference between essay and research and most researchable research topics.

You could be asking these questions because you a task you want to work on, but you aren’t sure whether it is an essay or research OR; you want to know which topics you can consider for your research. Whatever your questions are, there is a solution, whether low budget or expertise, with homework help solutions.

That aside, we will now answer the question of what is the difference between an essay and research.

Differences between Essay and Research

There are many ways of many you will know the difference between an essay and a research paper.

  • Length: Essays are usually shorter and start from something like five paragraphs or so but research papers and often longer and at least eight pages.
  • Depth: While essays do not require in-depth research on the topic, research requires a deep analysis of the research topic with sufficient reference to published information.
  • Perspective: Essays present the writer’s personal view on issues, and sources are generally used to back such ideas, but research presents other scientists’ perceptions on the topic and the author’s opinion.
  • Goals: The main objective of an essay in provides insights on the writing abilities of the student and the capacity of communitarian through writing. The goal of research tasks is to provide a deep understanding of the subject, analyze information, and present findings and implications.
  • Sources: According to Horkoff, While essays do not require a deep understanding of your sources, research does. In research, you need to have a few sources you have to analyses based on their purpose, design, methodology, and findings.
  • While essays are based on the author’s opinions mainly, research is concerned with facts and perspectives in chronological order plus the writer’s conclusion.
  • Types: The main essay types are expository, argumentative, persuasive, and narrative. Research can be quantitative or qualitative in a broader sense. At the lower level, research can be cause-effect, descriptive, case-study, etc.
  • Parts: While essays have five sections, including the introduction, the main body (3paragraphs), and the conclusion research paper has more parts, including abstracts, methodology, literature review, findings, and discussion.

In conclusion, research is more in-depth than an essay; the levels of analyses in the study are also much higher. Though essays are common, you expect to write a research paper during your final year. There’s no need to worry about either of these because much information exists online, which you can explore to develop excellent pieces of any essay or research.

Choosing an Excellent Research Topic

The question of the most researchable research topics is often tricky, but we can always answer it if you provide us with your study area. However, a list of cool research topics from most familiar fields of study, including education, health, and technology, can be of great assistance.

The following is a discussion of some of the researchable topics for different areas of study.

Finding a research topic for your study can be much more comfortable. Think of several subjects that interest you, then break them down into smaller themes and choose the most exciting one to ask questions. Read different points of view on your chosen subject to ensure you have adequate knowledge of the main ideas.

Therefore, ensure you can access sufficient information on your topic through the library or online. Be sure you have incorporated current sources that reflect the current direction and trends in your problem of study; you can usually choose articles not older than five years.

As promised, lets now focus on the most researchable topics in health, education, and technology.

Most Researchable Research Topics

  • Education

You must agree with me that whatever it is that you want to research on, it is connected to education in one way or another. The subject area of knowledge is till dominating in our communities, with millions of young and even older adults subscribing to some form of education.

It underlines just how education is essential in the generation and dissemination of knowledge in the world.

Some of the critical areas in current educational research are as follow:

Learning Disabilities– Different health conditions impact the learning abilities of many students in the education system today. At the same time, special education has coped with some of these problems emerging diseases such as attention deficit disorder, autism, and cerebral palsy present new dimensions. This is an opportunity for research in special education.

Online learning and Distance Education- Many institutions have not imagined the opportunities that exist in distance education. With the outbreak of COVID-19 that has seen most schools shut all over the world, people have begun to think about how large scale distance education can be utilized.

Sex Education– has been labeled controversial in many communities due to cultural differences in the conception of sex. Many cultures see it as rather a matter of the bed-room that classroom. How sex education can be used to reduce teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is a research question.

The role of religious education schools: Most societies think religious education development of their children as responsible and spiritual persons. In some quarters, there is much disregard for religious education. You can develop your research questions to determine what needs to change in religious education.

  • Health

Health is the most essential service that human beings can identify with. Research areas in health include:

Fast foods:These constitute deep-fried menus in your hotel or street that you want to take very fast and return to work. Researches relate them to health problems such as cancers, heart diseases, and diabetes. You can find essential topics in this area.

Weight Loss Surgery is relatively new and subject to research. You could examine the efficacy of this method as an approach to obesity.

You could also consider Birth control, Bulimia, Cancer, and Depression.

  • Technology

Technology and information are the big things in our era. The areas you may consider for your research include:

Cyber Security: Cyber-attacks and other crimes are on the rise. Billions of private and government money are being stolen every year due to malicious activities involving access websites and databases by unauthorized persons. Studies on this subject are highly recommended.

E-business: Some businesses are entirely web-based these days. The advantage of these as compared to real business is that they have universal access. Many studies on how companies can safely exploit this area are highly recommended.

Health Information Technology: heath information technology has revolutionized the healthcare industry. You can focus on smaller parts of this subject for your research.

Social media: social media connects billions of people today. It provides a platform for people sharing their experiences, business, and ways of doing different things. These activities affect our lives in one way or the other. Studies on the role of social media are relevant in most fields of study. 

The internet of things (IoT): the development of capabilities to integrate computers to machines involving the generation of information and actions without the intervention of the human subject is a growing area of IT. Research topics in these areas are highly exciting.

We can assist finding a research topic in your specific area of study.

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What is the Difference Between Essay and Research + Which are the No. 1 Researchable Research Topics

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