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The purpose of this interview was to determine how the supervisors handled a new employee on their first day at work. It also sought to know how the supervisors handle their daily work plan and the steps they take when their plans are not realized. In the interview, I wanted to know their methods of employee evaluation, both formal and informal and lastly what was their take on being a supervisor in the 21th century.

The first supervisor I interviewed was Erick Smith who is my supervisor at uptown cleaning company that I work part time. The second supervisor was Pete Fernandez who is in charge of security at equity bank where my friend Larry works.

Interview #1

1) The firs step I take is to familiarize the new employee with the kind of duties they will be required to perform. The next step will be introducing him or her to the other workmates. Lastly, I tell them of the expectations required of them and the company’s policies and code of conduct. (Watkins & Leigh 2009).

2) My plan for the day involves ensuring that they are sufficient cleaning materials, that each employee is transported to the place of work and lastly ensuring that all cleaning duties are completed to the client’s satisfaction and in within time.

3) My method of evaluation mainly involves punctuality, the completion of duties on time and the feedback I get from the clients.

4) My work in the 21th century is full of challenges due to the many personality types they have to deal with daily. The work is also complicated by the social- economic demands of their workers in hard economic times.


1) Since my work does not involve recruitment, the first step is to understand the employee’s strengths and weaknesses so that I can assign him the most suitable workstation basing on those attributes. Familiarizing them with the work place and their responsibilities is also critical.

2) The work plan in a security company is clearly laid down so there no need for daily preparation. Since there are clearly defined roles, my work is to ensure that they are strictly followed.

3) In this kind of work, the most efficient way to carry out evaluation is by the punctuality of the employee. Another way is how they relate to the staff and clients of the bank.

4) In the business of a security company, how you handle the employees is important as they can be easily poached by other companies. I overcome this challenge by providing strong leadership and caring for the needs of my employees.


 The methods employed by the supervisors are effective as they suit their unique environments. They should consider setting objectives, which must be followed. Introduction of behavior rating scales will aid the supervisors in rating performance (Watkins & Leigh 2009).

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