Classification essay writing tips: all need to know

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Classification Essay: Topics, Outline and Writing Tips | HandMadeWriting

Many students face the challenge of developing a comprehensive classification essay because teachers do not instruct you on writing but give instructions and themes as rubrics for your score. When you face the task of developing a classification essay, you need to know that it involves more research than usual essays. Therefore, you need to get a lot of information as possible from research to organize your work on categories to get that A-grade. Fortunately, I shall provide tips on which guidelines to follow using a straightforward effort.

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What is a Classification Essay?

First, you need to know what a classification essay constitutes. This is an academic paper that requires you to classify ideas, themes, characters, or objects that share particular characteristics into categories. Such types of assignments feature in high schools, colleges, and institutions of higher learning. Therefore, it is a necessary skill to master how to go about writing an excellent classification.


Step 1: Get Ideas to find categories from a Preliminary Research

In case your professor asks for a specific topic, move on to the next step. But if they require you to write without giving more information, you need to get ideas related to your course. To classify and logically sort your ideas, you need to decide which categories are useful to your essay and note them down while selecting the best to present in your essay

Tip: writing about something that you have a passion makes you engage more extensively in researching the chosen topic. Your favorite topic enables you to manage your time well and gives you the motivation to get deeper into your ideas

Examples include:

  • Types of significant revisions methods
  • Classifications of historical events in Africa
  • People’s attitudes towards sexuality
  • Types of dancing styles
  • Classification of different countries based on economic power or democratic principles
  • Categories of music
  • Different attitudes towards diets
  • Different types of managing finances
  • Types of contemporary literature
  • Classification of psychological diseases
  • Types of alternative medicine
  • Types of sports
  • Types of religions
  • Types of Marxists
  • People’s attitude towards fashion           
  • Type of feminists

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Step 2: Develop a Thesis Statement for Your Classification Essay

What is your debatable claim/ can your readers identify how you plan to classify and convey ideas in your classification essay?

The format for your thesis is:

(topic)… classified (Category), (category), and 9category)

For example

North American feminists approach the topic of gender equality through liberalism, radicalism, Marxism and socialism, and cultural feminism

Note: Use a common organizing principle for coherence

           Classifying using a single principle narrows down your groups by sorting then into unifying principles. For example, to unify the contemporary North American feminism, you cannot add first wave and second-wave feminism because they preceded the current categorizations and are therefore irrelevant to your topic’s focus.

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Step 3: Plan your Writing Process

Set a timeline for research for great ideas, time for capturing relevant notes, time for writing the first draft, time for editing, and time to have another person proofread your work. The time factor depends on the classification essay’s submission date. Starting earlier is better and gives you time to include all the relevant information required within the essay. Planning also helps you to manage education and life balance so that you have enough time for academics and enough time to relax and reflect.

Step 4: Write Your Classification Essay

Use the standard introduction, body, and conclusion structure

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Additional Tips

  • Sort your research in clearly defined categories
  • Make sure that your classification into categories follows a single organizing principle to create coherency
  • Cite examples that are relevant to each category
  • Never leave out a category
  • Do not include too many categories that end up blurring your classification
  • Make sure to support each category using a similar magnitude of examples so that you do not give too much attention to one and leave out the other
  • Emphasize on the last category which is the most important that needs more elaboration
  • Common transitional phrases used in classification essays
  • The first group
  • The second group
  • The third group
  • The first type
  • The second type
  • The third type
  • The first kind
  • The second kind
  • The third kind

All the best in your writing endeavors!

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Classification essay writing tips: all need to know

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