Cause and Effect Homework Essay: Tips and Hints

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Cause and Effect Homework Essay

All existing phenomena in the world are a result of the interconnection between cause and effect. Therefore, the cause and effect homework essay triggers your skills to develop an insight into how everything you see, read and observe is an outcome of causes.

An academic paper concerned with explanations of why certain events and things occur. Also, this type of essay gives insight into the consequences of particular actions. This essay enables you to organize and discuss ideas, even outside school. Below I shall give you tips and hints for developing an excellent cause and effect paper that earns you a deserving A -grade

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Tips and Hints of crafting a Cause and Effect Homework Essay

  • Develop the structure of your paper by planning how you want to present your essay
  • Collect information from relevant sources while paying attention to the instructions
  • Academic databases such as EBSCOHost, Google Scholar, and JSTOR offer a wide variety of peer-reviewed journals pooled from a variety of databases
  • Choose a recent and relevant topic that you are passionate about. It is recommended that you choose topics that highlight an ongoing issue and are relevant to the time of assignment

Sample Topics on Cause and Effect Homework Essay

  • Industrialization and rapid spread of highly infectious diseases
  • Human activities and global warming
  • Reasons why racism will never end
  • What are the psychological effects of abusive marriages to childhood trauma in adulthood?
  • The effects of mental health disorders on nicotine addiction
  • What are the adverse effects of cloning domesticated animals?
  • Reasons why colonialism still has a hold of African nations’ stunt in socioeconomic growth
  • How social media influences teenagers body image
  • Artificial intelligence has good academic benefits for learners.
  • Causes of mental disorders
  • Deforestation and its effects on wildlife extinction
  • Globalization and increasing poverty rates
  • Patriarchy’s effect on the development of third world countries
  • Why are there overpopulations today?
  • Drug abuse and divorce
  • Before you begin your paper, create an outline
  • Use the standard outline of introduction, thesis (topic sentence), body paragraphs ( with one addressing the causes and the other addressing the effects, the third paragraph indicates the changes resulting from these effects. The conclusion should reflect the thesis statement while using the paper’s main points to summarize your writing.
  • Introduction

Share background information on the topic in a general sense while focusing on multiple causes and a single outcome. Here it would be best if you wrote down the causes leading to a particular outcome. On the other hand, you can use a single cause with multiple effects to write the effect groups of a particular cause. Another way is to use a domino model to wear one initial cause leads to a series of effects that have a chain link.

  • The thesis at the end of the introduction

Your thesis should have a powerful central idea that is clear, accurate, and concise. The thesis combines all your causes and effects into one powerful opinion.

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  • Body paragraphs within a cause and effect essay
  • Use the outline structure to fill out your essay.
  • Use the thesis to break down your paragraphs.
  • Arrange your paragraphs from the one with the essential point downwards
  • Choose the type of organization of body paragraphs.
  • Significance –important to least meaningful
  • Chronological – timeframe of events
  • Categorical – based on subjects within your topic
  • Cite relevant sources to back up your central claims
  • Use transition words to link up and create coherence within your essay

Eg. As a result of this, consequently, similarly, additionally, furthermore, secondly, contrastingly. On the contrary, the initial factor in… may result in it, the previous factor… etc

Note: causes should be separate from effects and you can support each cause with a specific outcome

  • Conclusion
  • Start with a topic sentence by restating the thesis without using exact words
  • Do not add additional information not discussed in your essay body paragraphs
  • Analyze the thesis and sum up your arguments

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Bonus Hints

  • Decide whether you want to inform or argue a typical belief, e.g., human activities do not cause global warm because of the inevitable natural causes
  • Use statistics, vivid examples, and professional facts to sound more persuasive and powerful
  • The focus in immediacy and direct correlations

As you can see, writing a cause and effect homework essay is easy and straightforward if you follow the steps above.

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Cause and Effect Homework Essay: Tips and Hints

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