American Declaration of War on Germany

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At first, America was not willing to be involved in World War 1 as it was a European conflict and the US had no business being drawn into it. During the outbreak of the war, President Woodrow Wilson issued a statement of neutrality baring the Americans from participating in the war. Choosing to alienate itself, the Americans preferred diplomacy as method of fostering peace between the two competing sides in the conflict, the allies and the axis (Boyer et al 54).

By May of 1915, German U-boats stationed in the Atlantic Ocean began indiscriminately to sink passenger and merchant ships. The act of firing torpedoes at the British passenger ship, Lusitania which had 128 Americans onboard forced America to rethink its policy of neutrality. President Wilson replied by ordering the stop of attacks on passenger ships and even affirmed that due to its pride, the US would not fight. On many occasions he declared that the US will not ignore open submarine warfare as it was in cross violation of American belief in human rights and democracy. Wilson came under strain from former statesman Theodore Roosevelt, who criticized German “piracy” and Wilson’s fear.

In January 1917, Germany declared that it will sink all ships bound to Britain. Despite cutting diplomatic ties with the aggressor, Wilson still hoped to avoid warfare by arming merchant ships as a form of restriction. The Germans; responded by sinking American ships right away. The Zimmerman telegram that hinted to a proposal of an alliance with Mexico was genuine in that it was intercepted by British intelligence officers. In the telegram the ambassador is instructed to invite Mexico to join the central powers in exchange for economic incentives and a chance to regain the territories it lost to the US in the 1840 war (Bourne 22).

During the elections of 1916, Wilson had been re-elected mainly because of his promise to avoid the European conflict. Therefore he had to tread carefully and even went to the extent of keeping the telegram as a secret until public opinion swung in favor of the Americans joining the war on the side of the allies. On 2nd April 1917, Wilson formally declared war on Germany during an address to congress.

According to Benjamin freedman, the US was drawn into the war so that the Zionists could obtain Palestine. The Balfour declaration was a British commitment to reward the Zionists for getting the Americans into the war. During the Paris peace conference of 1919, the Germans for the first time came to realize that the Jews betrayed them. This irked the Germans very much because they had hosted the Jews for a very long time, and German Jews were the most successful by that time.

Since the entry of the US into the war led to German defeat, the Germans held the Jews accountable because the war was waged against them for no reason but due to their economic success. France, England and Russia conspired to bring down Germany because they saw that it was rivaling them in many fronts. The extermination of the Jews during WW 2 was a revenge against them for the role the played in German defeat during world war one. Prior to the introduction of unrestricted submarine warfare by the Germans, the US had been neutral in that it traded with all nations involved in the war. It was the British act of blockading the German coastline that made it impossible for the Americans to trade with Germany (Norton et al 79).

            Had America not entered the war, the Germans could not have been defeated. The result was that Germany would have proceeded to become one of the super powers of the world. The Jewish nation of Israel would not be in existence because it was a reward for their effort in bringing America into the war. The extermination of the Jews during world war two would not have occurred because it was revenge for Jewish betrayal.

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American Declaration of War on Germany

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