Amazing Topics for Healthcare Research

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There is nothing more important than the health which lies at the center of well-being globally. Having said that, we have to agree that the topics for healthcare research that would be worth the description as amazing are those that are relatively new and which have implication to the health of many people.

If you are looking for some of the most relevant topics on health research globally, I promise to provide you with information on how you can use them to inform your research.

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Topics for healthcare research

Back to our discussion, I promised to provide with the list of the most amazing topics for healthcare research.

It’s time to deliver. There we go…

  1. Infectious Diseases
  2. Maternal Health
  3. Human Trafficking
  4. Physical Activity  and Nutrition
  5. Mental Health
  6. Environmental Determinants of health
  7. Misinformation
  8. Non-communicable diseases

While this list may not be the most complete, it has the clearest reflection of the global health situation as will be seen in the discussion

Infectious Disease

Before Ebola in a few African countries and now the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in 2019, not many of health research works considered infectious diseases global health threat.

However, this is not the first time the world has experienced such strong waves of infectious diseases. History has established such diseases had claimed the lives of thousands of people.

COVID-19 is currently a hot topic for study for healthcare imagining how it has changed the landscape activities globally. While hundreds of thousands of people have perished from COVID-19, millions are still infected.

It is said that medication for cure or prevention of the virus has not yet been established; it is a research opportunity. It has been associated with mental health challenges both for the general members of the public but among healthcare workers as well.

Maternal Health

Thereis a reported upward trend in maternal deaths, during pregnancy, birth and shortly after termination of pregnancy. The problem is more entrenched in low-income countries where the quality of healthcare is low.

The fact that some deliveries still occur in the community due to the inadequate accessibility of hospital services in some areas has made approaches to mitigation quite difficult.

The increased use of certain birth control methods has been associated with the trend. There is an opportunity for research in this area. It can make one of the topics for healthcare research.

I must also recognize that teenage births which have been on the rise globally could be a contributing factor. Therefore, there is an opportunity to study correlating the occurrence of maternal death and prescription of certain contraceptive drugs and birth control methods.

Human Trafficking

This is one of the most subtle forms of modern slavery. There is an increased number of people that have been traffic is mainly exploited sexually and through forced unpaid labour.

This trend is difficult to explain the 21st century, where there is a virtually perfect flow of information.  

The roles of the multidisciplinary team of health practitioners towards care for this group of people are still unclear. There is an opportunity for the study to define care for this group of people.

Human traffic is a criminal business and should bring to an end because it is certainly an indication of several steps backwards in the protection of basic human wants. The fact that this topic appeal to the emotions of many peoples it is on of the rich topics for healthcare research.

I think whatever it takes, human trafficking should be brought to an end and very fast. What do you think?

Physical Activity and Nutrition

Physical activity has demonstrated the ability to delay or prevent the occurrence of certain chronic disease. For example, physical activity has been confirmed as a modifiable factor for heart diseases and diabetes, which are the most widespread chronic diseases.

You’ve got to hit the gym.

Your health is as good as the food you eat. The statement is relevant today more than ever considering how people have let go of their eating habits. The consumption of fast foods with high sugar, salt and fat has increased in the age where people have to work for longer hours.

There lots of opportunity for research in physical activity and nutrition. As well, they are rich avenues for health promotion.


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Let’s pick from where we left.

Mental Health as a one of the topics for healthcare research

Mental health is a very important part of our everyday life.

Mental health impact the functioning of the rest of the body. With increasing levels of stress and anxiety in society, the condition of the mind of many is affected in one way or another.

The outbreak of COVID-19, which has developed into a global pandemic, has had its fair share in mental health impact.

Increased fear of infection, loss of loved ones and regulations to curtail the spread of the disease has left many unable to adjust. There is an opportunity for mental health research, especially in the time of a pandemic where very many people need psychosocial support.

Environmental Determinant of Health

Environmental degradation has resulted in far-reaching consequences such are global warming and climatic that have had implication to human population all over the world.

Droughts and floods have become severe, leading to famine. There are opportunities for health research on environmental quality and health indicators. This is therefore, one of the rich topics for healthcare research.

Growing urbanization and poor planning have seen millions of people living in slums surrounded by health hazards.

The human environment affects the quality of life and wellbeing. Therefore, environmental is an important area of research.


Fake news has been part of the information that people consume every day. The spread of inaccurate information has made health intervention very difficult today.

The communication of lies and unverified information has been on the rise globally. The experiences the health workers have had during Ebola and COVID-19 pandemics indicate that people have been exposed to inaccurate information which is not evidence-based.

Misinformation has led to people believing false stories about diseases and how they can be cured. Many people have questioned even the existence of coronavirus despite hundreds of thousands of lives lost. Therefore, this must inform part of health research.

Non-communicable diseases area to develop topics for healthcare research

The prevalence of non-communicable diseases, including cancers, diabetes and heart diseases, have been on the rise.

The risks factors for these diseases are so diverse. Some drugs prescribed for these chronic diseases have proven risk factor for other conditions.

There are opportunities for research in intervention for these diseases through modifiable factors. There are also potentials in health promotion as a preventive measure for non-communicable diseases.

The prevalence of these diseases can be correlated to lifestyle to support coping and prevention of these diseases.

The correlation between certain cancers to contraceptive drugs and processed foods can be investigated as rich subjects for study.

I hope this was helpful in health research.

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Amazing Topics for Healthcare Research

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