College Application Essay: The No 1 Step-by-step Guide to Writing a Compelling One

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The process of writing a college application essay can be very taxing. Most students find writing the application essay nerve wracking, thanks to the weight it carries in determining the school one gets admitted to and consequently their future. It is normal to feel the pressure mount when tasked with writing an essay compelling enough to convince the admissions officers to give you a slot in their schools. All is not lost. This guide aims to assist you and ease the process by giving you simple helpful steps.

 Step 1: Start early                               

The early bird catches the worm. By starting early you are able to give ample time and attention to your subject matter. advices you to make several drafts and keep improving on them as time goes. This ensures that your essay is well thought out and matured over time like fine wine.

Step 2: Read and understand the instructions

Most people just skim through the questions. Take your time and make sure that you understand the requirements fully. There are times one may overlook some subtle instructions since they are in a hurry or just dismissive. Ponder on it for a while and consider different paradigms of the subject matter.

Step 3: Choose a topic you are passionate about

Think about something you really enjoy and care about. Isn’t it easy to just talk about it? You feel the excitement that comes with sharing something that matters to you and the radiance that comes with it can almost be felt. It all comes naturally to you and this element will make you stand out. Make your passions the focus of your article. This will make the writing effortless.

Step 4: Plan yourself before writing the college application essay

Come up with an elaborate plan on how to complete your essay. Have a clear outline which will help you organize your work. You should have it in three parts, the introduction, body and conclusion. Pick the best ideas and expound on them.

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Step 5: Research

Academic papers require tons of research. You definitely want to appeal to the admissions officer and one of the best ways is to be well versed with your topic. You want to steer clear of clichés and stereotypes. The ultimate guarantee is conducting research.

Step 6: Have a powerful introduction

Your main aim should be to intrigue and captivate the admissions officer. Make them curious enough to want to carry on reading your essay. How? Easy-peasy. Write a kick ass introduction. Most people tend to lose interest the first few sentences in but if you seize their interest right off the bat it is safe to say you are in.

Step 7: Authenticity

We all have an innate individuality that shapes our mindset, opinions and general outlook in life. Capitalize on this.  Be open about who you are, your achievements, dreams and inspirations. Let the reader be able to connect with you through your words. Be truthful and open about your personal experiences and let how they’ve molded you be visible. Even the smallest events can end up being turning points in our lives. Don’t downplay them.

Step 8: Personalize your College Admission Essay

Use your inner voice and share your experience through writing this essay. It may be difficult to share experiences that may seem too personal but being able to appeal to your audience may require some vulnerability on your part. Ease up and let your emotions show this way the reader is able to connect and relate to you and your story after all, nobody is perfect.

Step 9:  Simplicity

I cannot emphasize the importance of keeping it simple. There are things that are beyond you so there’s no way anyone expects you to change or fix them. Plus the write up is about YOU. So focus! Find a way to convince the reader why you should be their choice. In what ways are you better  than other applicants? Why you? Be vivid in your descriptions. Let them be able to picture you. Do not get stuck on “big ideas” more often than not they are your undoing.

Step 10: Detailing

Remember it is all in the details. Feel free to use specific examples that add value and back up your view points. The more details you provide, the better you are understood. For instance, if you want to talk about one of your attributes you can use a specific example that best illustrates it. You can give a story and show its impact on you.

Step 11: Avoid repetition

Nobody likes to hear the same story over and over again. We can all agree it gets boring and you definitely don’t want that. What you write in your essay should be an add-on to the other parts of your application. The college already has your grades, accolades etc so there’s absolutely no reason to keep raging on about them in your essay. However be careful not to contradict yourself.  For example you cannot claim to be excellent at Math yet your grade doesn’t match your assertion.

 These steps are easy to follow. Always make sure you revise your work often and make the necessary changes as you go. Get someone preferably more academically gifted, to help you proofread and edit your work. Spell checks are mandatory. Remember to be yourself. All the best in your quest to landing that spot in your dream school!

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College Application Essay: The No 1 Step-by-step Guide to Writing a Compelling One

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